Fitter for Life is a fun
and social way to get moving.

About Fitter for Life

Fitter for Life is a fun fundamental movement program and social opportunity that aims to help you improve your mobility, strength, and coordination; the activities in our classes can be catered to you and your needs!

The skills developed in the Fitter for Life program are used for common activities, such as:

  • Walking up and down a flight of stairs;
  • Hanging out the washing;
  • Bending down or reaching up into cupboards; and
  • Playing with grandchildren.

These skills help improve the quality of your everyday life while also reducing the risk of serious health issues having incredible benefits such as:

  • Improving aerobic capacity
  • Extending independence
  • Helps prevent disease and injury by increasing physical activity
  • Provides increased muscle strength and balance
  • Increases cognitive function

Fitter for Life is running across various states in Australia and is likely to suit your needs if you’re interested in:

  • Becoming more physically active;
  • Meeting new people in a local and social environment; or
  • Improving your mobility in daily activities.

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