Tips for healthier living

Healthy Habits

Overall, the three risk factors that account for the most disease burden in Australia are dietary risks, high body-mass index and tobacco smoking1. A number of health promotion campaigns are running across Australia to inspire you to live a healthy and active life. These campaigns are listed below and you can click a link for more information.

Better Health Channel - Victoria

Regular health checks can prevent many diseases and catch others before it’s too late to change their course. For more information and tips for better health, visit

My health for life

In health alliance with a number of organisations including Diabetes Queensland, the Heart Foundation and the Stroke Foundation, My health for life will help people, at high risk of developing chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, make healthy lifestyle changes. For more information on the program and to check your risk, visit

1 Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Social Trends. Mortality and Morbidity: Mortality in the 20th century.